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Abio – more than just a woodworks company

This was the first project that kickstarted my video production career during my first year at University. Watch the video and read more below on how I managed to film a commercial using only an iPhone 12, a DJI Osmo 4 (phone gimbal), and a construction light.

how it all started

It was the first year of Creative Business & Media Management. I had started filming BMX videos and having fun while at it. I quickly realised that I truly enjoy filming and I was learning more and more about it in my studies. I started tinkering around the idea of video production as a career. There and then the dream of making a video commercial was born. I had no clue where do I start but I knew I had to start somewhere, I had to do it for free and I had to apply and test the knowledge I had gained in the first year of my studies. So I approached a wood-works company that my friend worked at and proposed to do a free video commercial for them. They agreed. I got to work. Rest is history.


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